Stevens & Permanente Creek Survey, Conducted 18 February 2017
By Mountain View ARES

The Event was a County Wide Communications Drill

Click to see a Clickable map of all survey locations
Updated 02/22/17

With the significant wet environment early in the year, it was decided that MV ARES should make this drill a review of the high water points along Stevens Creek and Permanente Creek in Mountain View. This melds both Ham radio skills and CERT assessment skills to achieve better results and mutual understanding.

The Objectives were to deploy radio operators in cars with mobile radios and observers to visit each designated stream observation point and report the status of the creek to net control at K6MTV.   It was also suggested that pictures should be taken at each survey point looking up stream and down stream.   This turned out to be a very good idea as you will see from the pictures.   Since Mountain View ARES works closely with Mountain View CERT, it was suggested to invite Mountain View CERT members to ride along.

Included in the objectives were:

  • Confirm that our stream survey locations/instructions are correct
  • Check on both mobile and HT simplex coverage to the stream survey sites
  • Clarify if both upstream and downstream observation is possible and any related issues
  • Identify any real time issues at any site.

Below, are thumbnail images from each of the survey locations.   Click on a thumbnail image, and a web page with pictures and observations of that survey location will be shown in a new browser tab.

SC-1 - Crittenden

SC-2 - La Avenida

SC-3 - Walker

SC-4 - Central

SC-5 - Dana

SC-6 - Yuba

SC-7 - El Camino

SC-8 - Sleeper

SC-9 - Diericx

SC-10 - St. Giles

SC-11 - Grant

PC-1 - Charleston

PC-2 - Rock

PC-3 - Middlefield

PC-4 - Montecito

PC-5 - Escuela

PC-6 - Mtn. View Ave.

PC-7 - Hale

PC-8 - Marilyn

PC-9 - Barbara

PC-10 - Cuesta

PC-11 - St. Francis

PC-12 - Diversion

PC-tree-Tree Down