Stevens & Permanente Creek Survey, Conducted 18 February 2017
By Mountain View ARES

Stevens Creek, Observation Point SC-tree, Between East Middlefield and Gladys Ave.

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Downed Tree, taken 02/19/17

Map showing location of down tree and bank erosion.

Showing area of bank erosion on 01/18/17.

Showing area of more bank erosion on 02-19-17.

This web page was added to show a downed tree across Stevens Creek which could eventually flow out to the bay causing a potential hazzard to marine traffic.   This must be removed soon before it does any damage.   Map Location: 37.397267, -122.067969

The bank erosion photos are shown here to demonstrate that creek maintenance must be done before any more significant damage is done to the creek.   Map Location: 37.400997, -122.069139