Antenna Drop Files For Mountain View
As of 11-25-19

These files contain information about the location of antenna drops in Fire Stations, and other specific location in Mountain View.

For security reasons, these files should NOT be distributed to others without specific approval from the Mountain View EC or an AEC.

NOTE: For Stations 1, 2, 3 and 4, a packet kit has been added. The packet kit contains a laptop, radio, TNC, power supply and diplexor or triplexor (to connect two radios to the single antenna. One radio on a 2 meter frequency and the other on a UHF frequency. You will have to supply the second radio.)

The first link below is a description of information common to Fire Stations 1 thru 4.   It is suggested that, if you have a mobile packet setup, and you are scheduled to go to a fire station that has a packet setup, that you take your own mobile packet station as a backup. Also be prepared to use you own batteries regardless of where you are assigned.

Right Click on the links to download the Acrobat files. The size of these files is less than 630 KB each.