PacFORMS Update for MV CERT

As of 05-03-21

The current version of Outpost, Installer 151B, can be found at the 151B Installer and this or later should be installed on your computer before installing the files described below.   The 151B installer results in Outpost Version 3.4.0 c22 displayed when you run Outpost.   The Summary Damage Assessment form is still in PacFORMS format and will remain that way.  

The following instructions will work for either the Public or Private version of Outpost.   Also, if a new release of Outpost comes out after you have done the install, you will NOT have to re-install these files.

Instead of an installer, there are three files below to copy and save to the appropriate directories on your computer: the form file, another file that is used by Outpost to populate the Forms menu, and the PDF version to print.

Double click on the first file to open the instructions.   This is an Acrobat file. Print it so you can follow the instructions more easily.   The instructions will show you how and where to save the two other files.

If you have problems or questions, contact Phil Henderson at