PacFORMS Damage Assessment Update for MV ARES/CERT

As of 05-03-21

This is a single installer for either the Private or Public version of Outpost to add the Mountain View DA ARES/CERT reporting PacFORM to the Outpost Forms drop-down list.   You must have installed Outpost installer 145C or later.   The latest Outpost installer is 151B and results in Outpost Version 3.4.0 c22 displayed when you run Outpost.  The 151B version of the Outpost installer can be found on THIS PAGE of the county web site.

The install file is similar to that used to install the combined Outpost & PackItForms and Legacy PacFORMS files and places all files in their correct locations.

The installer copies the latest version of the Damage Assessment form to the C:\PacFORMS\exec directory and a file called Launch.local to the Outpost Data directory.   Launch.local provides Outpost with the information required to populate the Outpost Forms drop-down menu. An Acrobat form of the DA form is saved to the C:\PacFORMS\PaperForms directory.

After downloading and saving the install file to your hard drive, double click on the file and follow instructions.   It is required that Outpost is running when this is done.   When the installer is completed, restart Outpost and check the Forms drop-down menu and make sure that there is one new PacFORM file at the bottom of the list.

The latest version of the DA Form has the file name of MTV_213_CERT_Summary-v210323.html to differenciate it from earlier versions. This version is MV/PR-4.7-3.7, 03/23/21. The format of the list of CERT Areas has been modified and is available by clicking the "CERT ARES" button near the top left of the form. This form is compatible with earlier vesion of this form that was used in the Feb. 20, 2021 drill.   The only change was to add a feature where the Message field, 12b, automatically adds lines as the message gets larger.

The install file.   Click the link to download
sccMVCert47F.exe - The PacFORMS Update installer

If you have trouble with the installer, there is a manual install method. Click on THIS link to get the page describing the manual install.

If you have problems or questions, contact Phil Henderson at