PacFORMS Update for MV CERT & WebEOC

As of 09-19-18

NOTE: The installers have been updated to provide the CERT DA Summary form.   The version is PR4.4-3.2, 09/19/18.   Simply run the installer to get the update.

The install files are similar to that used to install the combined Outpost & PacFORMS files and places all files in their correct locations.

  • You should have installed the latest combined Outpost and PacFORMS installer, V140 or later, before installing the additional PacFORMS files.  

  • There are two installers below. sccMVCert44Epub.exe is for the Outpost installer designated as for "Public". sccMVCert44Epvt.exe is for those who have the Outpost installer designated as "Private". The private Outpost installer has additional PacFORMS files that include hospital PacFORMS.   The only difference in the Public and Private install files below is that, for the private version, an updated file, Launch.ini located in the Outpost Data directory, overwrites the file of the same name, that controls which PacFORMS are displayed in the Outpost Forms dropdown menu.   If you install the Private version and only have the Public PacFORMS files on your computer, the Forms list will have several grayed out forms, but it does NOT install the extra files on your computer.

  • After downloading and saving the install file to your hard drive, double click on the file and follow instructions.   It is best if Outpost is NOT running when this is done.   When the installer is completed, restart Outpost and check the Forms dropdown menu and make sure that there is one new PacFORM file in the list.   The file is compatible with PacRELEASE 4.4.

  • There are some changes to the CERT DA Summary form, but the appearance is identical to the previous version.   A description of these changes can be found in directory C:\PacFORMS\docs. The file name is CERT-DA-Summary-Form-Release-Notes.rtf.

    The install files.   Double click only one of these to download

    If you installed either of the above installers after 9/5/18 and before 09/19/18, all you need to do is save this HTML file (linked below) to the C:\PacFORMS\exec directory.   This removes an "alert" dialog box that pops up when the form is submitted and also fixes another minor problem.   This version removes that dialog box and fixes the minor problem. You can also re-install the installers instead of doing this suggestion.


    If you have problems or questions, contact Phil Henderson at