Message Passing in a Ham/CERT Environment

30 March 2019, Saturday, 1000 - 1200 Hours, 1000 Villa, EOC

This class will be in the Emergency Operations Center (not the usual Auditorium), so enter the front doors and you will be taken to the EOC.

Many of our Mountain View Ham activities are done in concert with our Neighborhood CERTs.  An important part of our mission as Hams is to communicate critical individual messages and situation summary messages from Neighborhood CERTs to the City EOC.  This class is designed for hams who may be assigned to neighborhood CERTs, and CERT members who work neighborhood Command Posts and develop the messages to be sent to the City.  We cover the important radio protocol and message passing principles taught by Santa Clara ARES/RACES and the specific features of the ICS 213 General form and the Mountain View specific ICS 213 Damage Summary form.   Highly recommended for both Ham and CERT members!

Handouts of the slides will be available at the class.

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