18 May 2019, 0930 - 1300 Hours

This drill signup is for ARES members that will be assigned to either a Fire Station, other location To Be Determined or home.   Two people each will be assigned to Fire Stations 1 through 4, to use the fire station packet kit to send messages including Damage Assessment Summary forms to the Mountain View EOC.   Operators at home will send voice messages.

At least one of the persons assigned to a Fire station must have Packet training and experience.   The 440.8 repeater will be used as both the resource and tactical frequency between the field and K6MTV.   Packet operators will use VHF as usual for the BBS messages.   Home operators will use Mountain View simplex frequencies to send forms by voice to the fire stations.  Detailed instructions will be sent about a week before the drill.   Contact our EC, Leslie, at for more information.

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