City-Wide Neighborhood CERT Exercise
Saturday, October 20th from 1300 to 1700
Debrief at 1000 Villa at 1600

We currently have 7 Neighborhood CERTs planning to run a traditional neighborhood assessment, identifying incidents, and using FRS radio protocol to communicate with their CERT neighborhood command posts.   We may even get to 10 or more participating neighborhoods.   Each neighborhood Command Post will transmit their situation status to the EOC (our Ham Shack) using the MTV 213 DA Summary form, either by voice or packet.   As a special treat, we have scheduled neighborhood fire engine companies to visit each participating CERT Command Post (with the caveat that they are not diverted to a service call).

We anticipate needing at least a dozen hams to staff the exercise, so please sign up using the form below.   If you have a mobile packet station, this is a good chance to practice using it in a "live" situation.

To see the current list of signups, click HERE

Name:   First     Last:       Call Sign:

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Do You have a mobile Packet station?     Yes       No

Are you CERT Trained?     Yes       No

In the text field below, indicate where you would like to volunteer. Suggestions are  Net Control,   Anywhere,  or the name of a   CERT Command Post